A food first approach is best. Fresh, quality foods provide essential nutrients for health and performance. You CANNOT supplement a poor diet.


To facilitate growth and repair and provide muscles with fuel for performance, you should consume food every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day.


Try to avoid cheap processed foods and instead choose fresh ingredients from local sources if you can. If you cannot pick it, kill it or grow it, do not eat it.


To sustain growth and recovery, quality sources of protein should be eaten at every meal, including snacks. Promote muscle growth overnight by eating protein before and after sleeping.


A range of colourful fruits and vegetables should be consumed throughout the day. Each colour contains an array of vitamins and minerals essential for health and well being, and optimal performance.


Hydration helps regulate and facilitate key bodily functions. Dehydration can negatively affect both health and performance.


In general, 5-6 meals should be consumed daily, this includes snacks between meals. These should incorporate quality carbohydrates and proteins, structured around training and energy requirements.


Carbohydrates are not only the predominant fuel for energy during high intensity exercise, but also aid with increasing muscle mass. Carbohydrate intake should be structured around training intensity and goals.


Education and learning is key to building the right nutritional foundations to positively benefit performance, including both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


These should only be consumed when prescribed by a qualified nutritionist who will access your individual need. Only INFORMED SPORT approved supplements should ever be consumed.